ExPin – Experian’s Consumer Match Key

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Confident, consistent consumer data matching

Many organisations today have multiple departments, enterprises and product offerings. It means they’ll often hold multiple records for the same consumer in different systems and databases. ExPin allows you to confidently and quickly match your data so you can gain a single view of an individual’s relationship with you. This enables you to offer them the best products and services whilst improving their overall customer experience.

How it works

Experian’s ExPin Match Key creates a unique PIN for each person in the UK. By matching each of your customer records to the right ExPin, you can see which records belong to the same person ensuring you won’t have to work with fragmented or siloed data. ExPin is a simple hosted solution available either via batch or online delivery to ensure you always have an individual’s most up to date ExPin.

Key benefits

  • Give a better customer experience by understanding the full relationship your company has with an individual
  • Make more informed decisions and offer the most appropriate products and services to individuals
  • Use greater insight to treat consumers fairly meeting regulatory requirements
  • Improve your data quality processes to enable you to effectively manage personal data changes and suppression requests across all your systems

Who is ExPin designed for?

Designed for all companies that hold consumer information across multiple databases that they would like to link together.


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Matching data with confidence

Identify how many duplicate customers you may have, as well as highlighting any issues with data quality.

Email dataquality@experian.com for more details & pricing