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Match, manage and improve your customer data with Experian’s matching technology ExPin.

ExPin is a unique personal identification number (PIN) assigned to everyone in the UK, which matches multiple financial records enabling you to quickly see which records belong to the same person, confidently link them together, and enable a single customer view.

An accurate, consolidated view of your customer enables you to manage them more effectively, improve your understanding of risk and create better experiences.

Unlock value for you and your customers.

How it works

A consumer can have multiple financial records at any one time, add in some address moves, a name change and some misspellings or name abbreviations and the number of different customer records for one individual can really add up.

Understanding your full relationship with a customer is vital to ensure longevity and make sure you treat them fairly.

ExPin removes the complexity and time of joining up multiple customer records, helping you to engage more effectively, avoid unnecessary conversations and save time and money.

ExPin takes each customer record either in real-time or batches and uses our sophisticated algorithm to match each record to the same individual irrespective of name, address, or Date of Birth differences to confidently bring them together and enable a single customer view and improving the accuracy of your customer data across all databases.

Key benefits

  • Give a better customer experience by understanding the full relationship your company has with an individual and drive customer retention and growth
  • Confidently make decisions and offer the right products based on a consolidated view of your customer
  • Use greater insight to treat consumers fairly meeting regulatory requirements
  • Identify new opportunities and grow your business without increasing risk
  • Save time, cut costs and be more efficient

Who is ExPin designed for?

Designed for all companies that hold consumer information across multiple databases that they would like to link together.


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Matching data with confidence

Identify how many duplicate customers you may have, as well as highlighting any issues with data quality.

Email dataquality@experian.com for more details & pricing