What is a Business Glossary?

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A Business Glossary (in the context of Data Quality technology) refers to the functionality that allows Data Stewards to define a hierarchy of business categories and terms, with sophisticated relationships including associations.

What is the benefit of a Business Glossary?

The main benefit of a Business Glossary is that it allows everyday business terms to be associated with actual data items that are used operationally. This allows navigation from the highest-level categories right down to actual data. Once at the data level, Data Stewards can instantly see any other fields with the same or similar content across the enterprise. It also allows everyday business users to know what each column or row is referring to.

A business glossary is a characteristic of a mature Data Quality Management Strategy because it requires participation from the business community in order to define the terms and relationships within the glossary. The business glossary acts as a useful device for encouraging greater data quality awareness and a data quality culture within the organisation.

How can you use the Business Glossary in Aperture Data Studio?

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