What is Data Proliferation?

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Data Proliferation is a term referencing the recent explosion in data creation, both structured and unstructured by organisations and refers to the considerable efforts undertaken to store and manage this data.

What challenges does Data Proliferation create?

There are several issues and challenges that can be created by large amounts of structured and unstructured data including:

  • Validating the accuracy of large amounts of data when it’s being created at speed.
  • Creating a singular view of any one data subject when multiple versions are being created.
  • Ensuring the relevance of any data stored – keeping you compliant with incoming data protection regulations.
  • Finding relevant and the most up to date information when necessary.
  • Paying for the secure storage of the data.

How can you solve these Data Proliferation challenges?

An important part of dealing with Data Proliferation is asking yourself the below questions:

  1. Are data quality checks in place when capturing all of the data?
  2. Are there processes to keep the data accurate and relevant over time?
  3. Do the processes make sure people only have access to the data they have permission to see?

Technology such as Data Management Platforms can help with fulfilling these questions by allowing you to regularly profile your data for any trends or issues where unique personal identifiers are important for keeping a single entity view of all data subjects.

How can we help with Data Proliferation?

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