What is a Data Protection Authority?

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A Data Protection Authority is a body that is tasked with the protection of data and privacy. The authorities are set up to uphold information rights in both the public and private interest. With the upcoming GDPR for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are the UK’s representative.

Why is a Data Protection Authority important?

Consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about how their data is handled and the Data Protection Authority upholds the public’s rights to control their personal data and acts as an independent body.

The public rely on Data Protection Authorities to make sure that organisations are following regulations. They are in place to take enforcement action where necessary to ensure compliance. They also help organisations by producing guidelines on areas of the regulations. For GDPR for example, the ICO have created guidelines on:

  • Data portability
  • Data protection officers
  • Identifying a controller or processor’s lead supervisory authority

How prepared are businesses for GDPR?

2018 General Data Protection Regulation Report

Our 2018 research conducted with Data IQ looks at the opportunities and challenges companies have had adjusting to the new regulations as well as changing consumer attitudes.