What is the Golden Nominal?

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A Golden Nominal record is a single person record with a unique reference for use by all systems. This is a unique record, usually about a person. Organisations are keen to view this true view of customers where all information on that individual is stored in one place.

When is the Golden Nominal used?

Golden Nominal is a term used within the Public Sector and concerns the strive towards a single view of citizen information. Police forces and other government agencies have an increasing focus to understand and effectively use the data that is often collected across multiple touch points.

Why is it important to achieve the Golden Nominal?

Like with a Single Customer View (SCV), having one true view of every record means no issues will be caused by duplicates of the same person or missing details from any record.

How can I achieve a Golden Nominal for each of my customers?

Build a successful business case for Single Customer View

Find out what you can achieve with a successful SCV and how to persuade your organisation to focus resources on building one.