What is a Single Customer View?

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A Single Customer View (SCV) is where all the data you hold about each of your customers is stored and consolidated into one single, easy to read, record in your database.

This is becoming more of a challenge with organisations often holding multiple records for one same contact due to the multiple touch points that the average customer faces when dealing with an organisation. Online forms, face to face discussions and call centres all collect data that needs to be kept clean of duplicate records to maintain the SCV.

What are the benefits of a Single Customer View?

With the proliferation of data continuing, there are several benefits to being able to see every touchpoint each of your customers has had with your business:

  • Improved marketing targeting – An SCV gives you greater insight into your customer’s behaviours and interactions meaning you can tailor your marketing communications.
  • Accurate business decisions – By removing duplicates and consolidating records, the SCV gives a more accurate view allowing you to make decisions underpinned by reliable data.
  • Increased customer loyalty – Created by the more personalised experience and the improved customer service an SCV drives.

How can you achieve a Single Customer View?

When creating a data quality focused SCV, the following 4 phases are important to go through:

  1. Investigate your data assets – Decide what data sources need to be pulled into the SCV and look for duplicates and completeness of each record.

  2. Assess accuracy and impact – Use a profiling tool to decide the accuracy of the source data and assess the knock-on effect of the issues.

  3. Improve your data landscape – Decide what technology you will use to cleanse, transform and match the source data and what data sets to validate it against.

  4. Control your on-going data quality – Create measures to ensure the data’s accuracy and the removal of duplicates going forward.

How can you implement a Single Customer View?

Build a successful business case for Single Customer View

Explore the best way to foster an SCV culture in your organisation in our guide – including the costs of failing to implement one.