Helping you to identify when a ‘good’ business is not all it seems.

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Commercial Fraud

Deciding to do business with somebody will always come with risks but being able to confidently identify a ‘good’ business before you start working with them helps to reduce those risks. During the current Covid 19 world pandemic and with various government backed schemes being set up to support businesses and reduce the economic impact its even more important we know we are able to trust the business making an application. 

Experian Commercial Fraud brings together the breadth of Experian data from consumer, commercial, identity and fraud and blended with your own data to create tangible data insights to allow you to authenticate a business, its owners and accurately identify commercial fraud.

Who’s it for?

Any business who needs to verify and authenticate a business and its owners before working with them.

Key Features

  • Our ability to join together your own data, Business Information data and Identity and Fraud data to give a joined-up picture of potential suspicious businesses
  • Flag potential fraudulent accounts that might be in arrears or close to being

How it works

We are able to use our Business Information and Identity and Fraud data to link businesses to known frauds that are associated with the business or its owner. Our connected data will allow you to transform how you approach identifying commercial fraud.