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One Place. One Platform.

As the digital age continues to rise, consumer expectation is only getting greater. We all expect digital journeys that are easy to navigate, give us instant access and are seamless. It really is all about the ultimate customer experience.

Being able to add new data and services easily and manage your risk profile is important to help you stay on top of new threats that are emerging in the market. Quickly and easily embed new data into your existing systems to ensure customers receive a secure and instant digital experience.

What is CrossCore and how does it work

Experian CrossCore brings together all the data and services you need into a single view via one platform. Offering flexibility and an open API approach, it gives you greater control to manage your risk profile and customer journeys particularly when you need to adapt to changing circumstances.

CrossCore is a uniting force with sophisticated orchestration and advanced analytics to give you confidence in every customer interaction. 

How it can help your business

  • Cloud Architecture allows for scalability and flexibility
  • Flexible API brings all data and services together through a common access point
  • Connects any service whether it’s Experian’s, our partners' technologies, or your data - to create a holistic view of the consumer
  • Single open platform - where data and services can be quickly and easily added to enable you to adapt to the changing environment
  • Smart Orchestration using multiple data and services that can be called either sequentially or dynamically
  • Optimise your results through analytics to help reduce operational overheads and the burdens on IT
  • Instant seamless experience for you and your customers 
  • Decisioning capabilities which empower you to make the best possible decision and give you confidence in every customer interaction

Businesses are moving to cloud based services to allow them to easily access new innovations and service releases

Believe cloud architecture Improves business agility

Consumers would be willing to give more personal information for easier access to accounts

Consumers believe their data is valuable to businesses and are willing to share more

Consumers feel recognised by businesses

Growth in people transacting online thanks to digitisation

Discover why Experian and its CrossCore platform have been selected as one of the leaders in the current digital identity landscape.

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