Application fraud prevention with Detect

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Your customers expect a fast and pain-free application process

Lengthy and laborious checks can force them to look elsewhere. However, protecting your customers and business from fraud is essential in order to operate responsibly. Detect helps to identify fraud at the point of application to offer the best possible experience for your customers, while helping you to reduce the risk of application fraud.

Who's it for?

Organisations who want an integrated fraud detection and credit checking process.

Key features

  • Review and screens credit applications against multiple data sources to highlight anomalies
  • Real-time checks that do not lengthen or disrupt the customer journey
  • Improved visibility of fraud, allowing you to identify suspicious activity which may not be visible during a standard credit check

How it works

Detect checks against over 100 million records at the point that a customer completes an application online. Where suspicious indicators are found, applications are highlighted so that further investigation and action can be taken. Detect helps to reduce the impact that fraud has on your business and ensures genuine applications can be processed as quickly as possible.

Detect integrates with Hunter to maximise fraud detection and prevention.