Financial Strategy Segments

Experian's consumer financial behaviour and financial market analysis services

Understand Your Audience

What do today’s consumers look like? What are their attitudes to money, and how do they choose to manage their own? What financial services do they want? And how do they want to be communicated with?

Today, data can give us more insightful answers to these questions than ever before. Our Financial Strategy Segments tool gives a rare and fascinating overview of today’s UK adult population at macro and micro level by exploring current financial behaviour trends and the emergence of new types of consumers. This insight gives organisations a much deeper understanding of consumers’ financial behaviour and allows you to communicate with them more effectively.

How Financial Strategy Segments works

Financial Strategy Segments is built using a wide range of data, including demographics, lifestyle, social, economic, behavioural, product consumption, service and channel preferences. A 220,000-strong YouGov panel has been added to this which gives a wide variety of insight covering finance, lifestyle and attitudes.

The segmentation is tightly linked to each person’s age and affluence. It gathers people together based on similar financial behaviours, by household and then by individual, through 15 distinct groups and 55 types. Using this data and analysis, we can predict consumer life-paths through time for the next 25 years and bring it all to life via our online segmentation portal.

Deliver great experiences based on the financial needs and preferences of your customers