Bank Wizard Absolute (online) Trial – have confidence in your payments

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Bank Wizard Absolute helps you to make sure you’re paying the right person, every time you make a payment.

Try using Bank Wizard Absolute to see how your business could:

  • Drastically reduce payment processing errors
  • Reduce the risk of internal and bank transfer fraud
  • Reduce the risk and correction costs of failed payments
  • Improve customer acquisition, collections and payments efficiency
  • Help you to comply with BACS Direct Debit scheme rules

How does Bank Wizard Absolute work?

Step 1

Input the following information about your customer (a consumer or business): name, date of birth, address, bank account number and sort code.

Step 2

These details are compared to the data held by Experian, which includes current account information from banks.

Step 3

Confidence scores are returned to you in near real time, showing you how closely the information you provided matches the information Experian holds.

Step 4

You either proceed with the payment, or check and amend the bank account information.

Step 5

Bank Wizard Absolute Consumer is used either online or hosted through CrossCore, Experian's flagship ID and Fraud platform.