Payment validation and conversion services to increase efficiency

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Payment Validation Solutions from Experian

When sending payments you need to be sure that they will reach the intended recipient the first time. Failed payments increase cost, impact cash flow and can have a negative effect on your reputation.

Experian’s secure payment validation services help you to prepare and route your payments so that Straight-Through-Processing rates are improved and payment failure is reduced.

Personal bank account verification

Confirm the link between your customers and their bank accounts whilst reducing fraud and error.

Business bank account verification

Confirm business bank account ownership to prevent invoice and procurement fraud.

Bank account validation with Bank Wizard

Checks bank account details are valid in real-time applying modulus rules to data provided.

Validate IBAN and BIC with Bank Wizard Global

Ensure you only use valid bank account data that is in the correct International Bank Account Number format.

Bank Wizard for Bill Payments

Ensures that payments for supplier bills are reconciled to the correct supplier account.