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What is the PowerCurve decisioning platform?

Experian’s latest edition decision management platform, part of the PowerCurve platform, helps you to make better customer decisions even when operating in a dynamic business environment. 

PowerCurve allows you to operationalise rich data and advanced analytics. It’s a unified, component-based platform for strategy design and execution, enriched with capabilities for credit risk decisioning, including marketing, identity and fraud, and affordability. 

Of course it comes delivered in the cloud and can be installed, delivering benefits across the customer lifecycle in a matter of weeks.

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Better decisions for a better customer journey

The relationship between your company and your customers is more than just a series of discrete, one-off activities. The value of your customer journey is what drives loyalty and increased revenues at every point of interaction. All of our solutions are configurable, putting you in control of your strategy. We can offer rapid-start preconfigured decision systems with integrated data services and workflows, or dynamic systems allowing for customised workflows and integrations.  

Your customer journey provides an opportunity for a positive experience but for many organisations this has become increasingly complex. Keeping pace with changing regulatory policies, more demanding customers, and dynamic market conditions has become a major strain. PowerCurve will help you unlock value and supercharge your performance across part, or all of the customer lifecycle. From finding, understanding, and connecting with new audiences, to making credit and lending simpler, faster and fairer for any customer.

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Decisions designed by your rules, as you choose

A key to managing this complexity and providing an optimal customer journey often hinges on the decisions your organisation makes about your customers. These decisions can greatly impact the key metrics that are most important to a company such as new customer acquisition, share of wallet, or exposure to risk to name a few. The PowerCurve suite has a range of solutions to suit all scenarios.


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