Data breaches

Every business deals with sensitive data of some kind, which makes every business a potential target for criminals and hackers. Proper security and data management can reduce the risk of anything becoming compromised, but technology and criminal ingenuity moves fast. If a breach happens, it’s what you do next that counts.

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Data breaches

Experian is here to prepare your business before a data breach occurs and to aid in breach resolution, mitigating the impact on your customers and helping you continue day-to-day operations with minimal disruption. To find out exactly how to solidify your data breach response program, click the following headings.

While your business will certainly be affected, a data breach will hit your customers hardest. A breach of their personal data is not only a violation of privacy, it makes the victims direct targets for identity theft and fraud. If your business is holding data, you need to protect it for their sake, and do everything you can to keep your customers safe if their data does fall into the wrong hands. 

Find breaches fast

Customers expect their personal data to be secure. If it’s exposed, the very least they expect is immediate discovery and resolution. Services like Experian’s Identity Plus and IdentityWorks Global could help detect the signs of a data breach by revealing potentially fraudulent activity on individuals’ accounts and automatically alerting them if personal information has been found online.

Be ready to respond

If your business detects a data breach, your customers deserve a robust, fast response; 78% of respondents to Experian’s 2022 Data Breach Consumer Survey said their organisation had experienced a crisis in the previous 18 months. A data breach readiness plan, such as one developed with Experian’s Consumer Response Team, can ensure your in-house resources are ready to effectively manage a crisis as soon as it is discovered.

Minimise damage

The way you manage your customer data can make all the difference between a breach being serious or minor – or even potentially prevent it from happening in the first place. With the help of a tool like Experian’s Data Cataloguing service you can transform your existing records to isolate sensitive data, all while making your internal customer views more efficient. 

Go global

Data protection varies across international borders, and your data breach response plan needs to be cognisant of this: your legal responsibilities regarding storing data or dealing with a breach are likely to vary across different countries. Preparing your response in conjunction with an expert team like Experian’s Data Breach Readiness Service can help you protect your customers worldwide.

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