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In its essence, the GDPR is driven by the rise in connected technology and organisations of all shapes and sizes who are now in possession of more customer information than ever before.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 was created at a time before smart-phones and social media existed and so an update to the practices surrounding personal data was long overdue. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the result of four years of work to bring data protection legislation in line with the many ways that data is now intertwined with our daily lives as consumers and professionals.

As the amount of personal data collected and held by organisations rises, so does the responsibility for its secure storage and ethical use. Regulators recognised that the existing laws were insufficient to manage the rapid evolution of data application and privacy in an increasingly fast-paced digital landscape. In response, the EU drafted the GDPR, a new set of comprehensive regulations, which was adopted by the European Parliament and Council in April 2016 and became directly applicable in member states from 25th May 2018.

Our Global Data Management Research 2018 found that over 80% of businesses recognise the opportunity data can bring to forming their strategy and almost three quarters also admit that it’s difficult to predict where the next data challenge is coming from. Whilst many organisations are finding that increasing volumes of data can make it difficult to meet regulatory requirements, 75% have seen a return on investment from the data quality solutions they have used within their business.

To help you thrive under the GDPR, we have designed 4 solution packages that can be used independently or together to help you manage the requirements of the GDPR and prosper in our data-driven economy - Data Cataloguing, Data Integrity, Data Match and Data Breach. We believe that once a solid data foundation has been laid for your organisation, you can manage the other elements required by the GDPR including Data Subject Access Requests and Data Breach response.

With the new data protection regulations under the GDPR, there is an increased responsibility for businesses to have comprehensive insight and control of all data assets. To do that, you must know what personal data you hold, its provenance, location and all the ways in which it is being used. Without visibility on all data held, it is much harder to respond to the GDPR requirements such as access, rectification and data portability present in a range of GDPR articles.

We can provide you with a clearer picture of the types of data you store and enable you to have the confidence that all disparate but related data points can be linked to an individual identifier and  retrieved as efficiently as possible. We’ll support you every step of the way - our team of data management experts will work with you to fully understand your needs, address any concerns and build a plan for success.  You can rest  assured that you’re in safe hands, we are experts at evaluating and improving your data quality and integrity.

Consumer Data

We use advanced cataloguing and data management tools to find and index all identifiable personal consumer data within your business systems. Next, we analyse your data systems, fingerprint and automatically add tags for the effective organisation and management of all your data sources. Finally, our advanced data management platform can then profile and compare each personal record, while our bespoke transformation rules can clean and validate records. From here, rules can be built which are designed with the GDPR in mind to help ensure that multiple records can be brought into a ‘golden’ record to create a single customer view.

Commercial Data

The identifiable data of individuals within businesses, such as work email addresses and telephone numbers, are covered by the GDPR and our data experts can help you understand the scope of this type of data you hold in order to create an accurate inventory. Using the Megafile, our comprehensive UK business database, we can provide you with a clearer picture of the data you store which represents data subjects, our data discovery services can give you the confidence that all disparate but related data points can be linked to an individual identifier and retrieved as efficiently as possible. This service includes identifying and tagging personal and sensitive data within your organisation. Discovery of this type of personal information can help you deliver compliant solutions for a range of the GDPR articles.


Data protection compliance is fundamental to our business and, as a result, Experian has taken a keen interest in GDPR since the draft text was first released many years ago as part of the EU’s legislative process. We worked diligently with the industry, clients and our internal stakeholders to assess the potential impact of GDPR on our business and the industry more generally and to identify any changes that needed to be implemented to comply with the enhanced requirements.

We recognise the importance of good, well-regulated data protection in a modern society, and we were pleased to note the final wording of GDPR does not contain anything that prevents Experian at a fundamental level from offering the services that it does, being services which are essential to consumers and organisations in their interactions with each other.

Our GDPR readiness programme is now complete. GDPR compliance is part of business-as-usual and we continue to ensure that GDPR is considered during product development and in our relationships with other organisations.

FAQs published July 2018

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