PowerCurve Strategy Management

Create, edit and update decision strategies seamlessly

Better customer decisions, precisely targeted and consistently executed, can drive an increase in business performance. PowerCurve Strategy Management helps you quickly and easily develop and deliver more insightful customer acquisition and origination strategies.

PowerCurve Strategy Management uses a common strategy design environment that improves consistency and enables time and cost-saving reuse of decisioning elements. PowerCurve Strategy Management also provides unmatched performance monitoring, with results mapped back to your individual strategies. This complete feedback loop accelerates your test-and-learn cycles and helps you more quickly adapt your decision strategies in response to early signs of market and customer behaviour changes.

How can PowerCurve Strategy Management help you?


Reduce time to decision

Provide a faster and seamless customer experience.


React to market changes

Edit and update your strategies effortlessly. 


Analyse performance data

Identify relevant trends and drive action that can uncover new revenue opportunities. 


Use embedded strategy templates

Quickly implement decision strategies in line with events such as new product launches. 

As market conditions change, you need to ensure your strategies are performing well. Create a feedback loop using PowerCurve Strategy Management to react to these changes quickly:


To find out how PowerCurve can help you advance your automated decisioning, contact your Experian representative.

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Automate decisions throughout the customer lifecycle


Proactively manage your customers

PowerCurve Customer Management helps you spot vulnerable customers earlier.


New to automated decisions?

PowerCurve OnDemand is a pre-configured, easy to use tool that combines data and decisioning to increase efficiency and improve customer insight.

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