Identity and fraud solutions for alternative lending

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Build trusted relationships with your customers to aid their lending choices

Customers value the choice that alternative lending offers them, particularly the speed and convenience of accessing it online.

You need to serve your customers based on informed decisions, such as who and how you lend, as well as collections and repayments. You also need to make sure your customers and your business is protected from the threat of fraud, as well as ensuring your business continues to be compliant with all the requirements of your industry.

Our extensive data sources and identity and fraud solutions can help you to lend and operate responsibly, mitigate your exposure to fraud and comply with regulations without compromising on your customers’ experience.

Device Intelligence

Frictionless customer journey and account login for genuine applications

What it does: Recognises every mobile device, every time to protect your business from fraud

Used by: Clients requiring a reliable fraud detection solution to support their increased online transactions

Payments checking with Bank Wizard Absolute

Minimise the risk of third-party fraud when processing payments

What it does: Provides a confidence score allowing good applications to be processed and suspect applications to be referred

Used by: Widely used within the alternative lending sector

Identity checking with Prove-ID

Identity verification to adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements whilst maximising the pass rate

What it does: Maximise AML pass rate using a highly customisable hierarchical rules matrix

Used by: Various lenders within the alternative lending sector