Protect your customers and your business from organised crime

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Fraud Networks

Protect your customers and safeguard your business by uncovering and monitoring organised fraud networks in your account portfolio. Our Fraud Networks tool uncovers and monitors organised fraud networks in your account portfolio to help reduce the impact of fraud on your customers, your business and society, by identifying and stopping organised crime.

Who's it for?

Fraud Networks is for any business looking to uncover fraud links to protect their customers and business from organised fraud and criminal gangs.

Key features

  • Find links between data and accounts which indicate suspicious activity
  • Prioritise cases on the risk of fraud to maximise the impact of fraud
  • Differentiate between fraudulent connections versus normal behaviour to avoid disrupting genuine customers

How it works

Fraud Networks looks for points of similarity between known fraud and your account portfolio. By uncovering these connections in both new applications and your existing, open accounts you will be alerted to the possibility of fraud and can take appropriate action. This pro-active approach coupled with the degree of accuracy Fraud Networks offers means that you can protect your business without having a negative impact on genuine customers. Fraud Networks can be integrated with account monitoring for comprehensive customer protection.