Empty Property Reviews

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We know it is important to you to provide your citizens with a great experience while providing them with the service and benefits they need

Having accurate housing records and knowing which properties are empty can help you allocate housing to your citizens faster and ensure those eligiable for discounts can receive them. Doing empty property reviews on your properties can help do just that.

Who's it for?

Empty property reviews can help local authorities looking to provide a better experience to their citizens and update their housing records.

Key features

Our empty property review service helps you to:

  • Update your information for accurate records
  • Utilise your fraud investigation team on the most productive cases first
  • Increase the potential revenue from the New Homes Bonus Scheme

How it works

Our review works by checking your empty property records against a variety of data sources to see if it looks like someone is living there. If information comes back that makes it appear there is an occupant, then the house is flagged and all of the flags are prioritised. Your investigation team can then work through the cases by focusing their attention on the most promising first.