Understanding customers across multiple channels

Data for targeted engagement

Consumers are generating huge amounts of data about themselves across a variety of channels — the challenge is how to understand this customer data. If we do, there are huge opportunities to discover who our customers are and what motivates them, then speak to them as individuals at the times they want to be engaged.

Understand your customers with Experian data insights

Experian deploys some of the most detailed and sophisticated solutions available to detangle your data streams and combine them into a single strand of customer understanding and data insight:

  • take offline contact points, such as a physical address, and link them to online identities, such as 34m online email contacts;
  • give 20m mobile phone numbers geographic and demographic substance — for real cross-channel reach;
  • gain understanding of customers, as well as the locations and characteristics of key audience groups, using data from millions of UK internet users through Experian Hitwise;
  • leverage fast moving social media and smartphone app data to drive insight and engagement using Alchemy Social.
  • Understand how your customers engage with emails from other organisations and how that differs from their engagement with you.

Using customer analysis for greater insight

We can do this because of the depth and breadth of our data and insights, which allows rich segmentation and classification, enabling you to find and understand your customers along with their interests and preferences:

  • socio-demographic factors such as age, location, household make-up, behaviour, finances and lifestyle;
  • value and financial factors, including customers’ current value, potential value and lifetime value;
  • transactional behaviour, with data collected on how customers use products and services;
  • attitudes, showing core values, needs and the reasons why products and services are used;
  • customer preferences, including the channels and consumer/business relationship that audiences prefer;
  • real time monitoring of segments to identify fast developing and possibly short-lived opportunities like when an individual moves house or starts a family.

Our solutions bring you the services that you need at whatever stage of the data journey you are — from simply buying data and insight to analysing your customers, through to developing full cross-channel data strategies. It all adds up to a far greater opportunity to translate engagement into transactions and ROI, and a successful route to customer understanding.

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