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Housing Provider Documents

Here are a selection of resources to help you join The Rental Exchange.

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The Rental Exchange - how to implement it in to your business

This is a process flow to show how simple it is to join The Rental Exchange. It highlights all the steps you will need to take to join.

The Rental Exchange brochure

The Rental Exchange Brochure includes everything you will need to know about The Rental Exchange and its benefits, it is useful to share with staff members who might need to know about the initiative.

The Rental Exchange data protection paper

Our data protection paper includes all of the data protection considerations for you to share your tenant data with us. The Rental Exchange has been approved by the ICO.

The Rental Exchange formal agreement

The formal agreement is the contract you will need to print off, sign and return to us in order for you to join The Rental Exchange.

The Rental Exchange stage IT implementation guide

Our IT guide should allow your IT teams to understand what data will be required from them and how we implement The Rental Exchange in to your systems.

The Rental Exchange example board paper

We have an example board paper that may help you when you are going through your internal processes to join The Rental Exchange.

The Rental Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ document will answer any questions that you might have about The Rental Exchange.

Additional resources

Training presentation

Our training presentation is designed to be used within staff training and education sessions so they can understand The Rental Exchange and its background.

Big Issue Invest whitepaper

Take a look at an independent whitepaper written by Big Issue Invest around helping tenants build a positive credit history to gain equal access to financial services.

The Rental Exchange research paper

This is the initial research paper that was produced in 2010, when Big Issue Invest first came up with the idea behind The Rental Exchange.

Tenant video

Watch our short video to see how The Rental Exchange can benefit tenants

Recent Rental Exchange articles

Below are two examples of newsletters that housing providers have sent to their tenants, to explain The Rental Exchange.