Data Modelling

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Predict the likely behaviour of your business customers or prospects.

Drive strategy and prioritise your resources where they will have the biggest impact. The Experian team will build bespoke models to predict propensity to buy, potential spend, likelihood of churn, risk potential or likelihood to pay. These models can be combined to provide segmentation of the customer or prospect business universe.

Profile of a commercial population

By looking at your customers who display the desired behaviours we’re looking to model, we can identify other customers or prospects who may behave in a similar way.

Modelling to drive acquisition

Focus sales resources on prospects most likely to convert into customers. Furthermore, predicting the likely spend or value to your organisation can tell you the most effective product, and the most effective channel to communicate through.

Modelling for customer management

Modelling can be used to predict the likelihood of customer churn, used in conjunction with value modelling, a potential retention strategy can be created.

Modelling credit risk

Credit risk policy can be influenced by the integration of commercial risk scorecards within existing modelling activities. This can be used to filter prospects upstream in any marketing and sales activity.

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