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UK Macro

UK Macro Economic forecast

Our widely respected UK economic forecasts play a key role in informing future business strategies and operational decisions. The economic data and accompanying reports help you understand the impact future risks facing the UK economy will have on your business and quantify opportunities moving forward.

Greater London

Regional Economic forecast

High-quality forecasts and analysis of the UK’s regions that contains valuable insight into the economic and demographic indicators of each location. To help you understand local area performance, identify ‘growth hot spots’ and understand more about short and long term economic impact.

Uk Consumer credit report

UK Consumer Credit Forecast

Understand the impact of the economy on the consumer credit market with our UK Consumer Credit Forecast. The forecast provides an in-depth understanding of current and future changes in the consumer credit markets, both mortgages and unsecured credit.

Uk REsidential housing

Residential Housing Market & House Prices Forecast

How will the fluctuations in the UK housing market affect the economic, financial and social life of the nation – and your business? Gain reliable, in-depth forecasting of the residential property market with our UK Residential Housing Market forecasts.

Uk construction forecast

UK Construction Forecast

Our UK Construction Forecast provides a solid base from which businesses involved in the construction sector can draw the informed conclusions needed to take major decisions. The UK Construction Forecast is compiled by a panel of experts spanning all aspects of the construction industry.

Construction focus survey

Construction Industry Focus survey, annual subscription (12 months updates)

Understanding the construction industry’s dynamics and how they can affect your business with our Construction Industry Focus Survey. The report draws on the wealth of material compiled by Experian in the monthly survey of construction activity conducted among 800 selected firms throughout the UK.

Construction regional forecast

Construction Industry Regional Forecast

Understand the construction market and the economic drivers in your region that affect different sectors, including public and private housing, infrastructure and non-residential building with your Construction Industry Regional Foresight.

87Th summary report

European Construction Trends

EUROCONSTRUCT’s European Construction Trends report provides precisely the sort of insight to enable decision makers in the construction sector and construction-related areas to plan their businesses more effectively.

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