Market Insight and Economics

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Predict the future to grow your business; economic trends, credit market insights and portfolio benchmarking to drive your credit risk strategy

Identify economic trends and understand how your credit portfolio compares to your peers to drive opportunities whilst managing risk.

From new business acquisition, through customer management and debt prioritisation.  Understand how changes in your own lending policy, the external market and regulation may impact performance. Utilise these insights to support you in meeting new regulatory forecasting and provisioning requirements.

Economics Consultancy

Customised economic insight to help you understand how your business would be impacted by specific economic scenarios or understand how geography, industrial sectors and demographics impact your organisations economic growth or the household finances of your customer.

Credit Market and Portfolio Insight

Understand latest trends in the consumer credit market and how your portfolio benchmarks against the rest of the industry and specific peer groups. Providing actionable insight; from identification of opportunities for growth through to improving your debt management.

Credit Risk Forecasting

Bringing together the disciplines of credit risk and economics to meet an ever increasing commercial and regulatory requirement to combine lending policy and economic forecasts into a forward looking approach.

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