What is address validation?

Better customer relations and data you can trust

Customer address data enters your organisation every day through touchpoints like your website, telephone calls, live chats or post.

Experian's powerful intuitive address validation tool uses data from over 240 countries to deliver accurate, fast results. We can even cleanse addresses at point-of-entry, so you can be sure they’re valid before they enter your database.

Watch the video or read our technical information to see how address validation helps you to drive value from your business's most important asset - your data.


How you could benefit from address validation



Reduce wastage and increase revenue through a stronger customer relationship


Customer loyalty

Deeper customer insights to improve communications and built trust and loyalty


Confident business decisions

Data you can trust to make those important strategic decisions

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Start typing any customer postal address to check if it's valid:

What are your options?


Real-time address validation

Start instantly validating address data in real-time as it enters your website.


 Bulk address cleansing

 Correct any inaccuracies that already exist in your database.

How has address cleansing helped others?



Royal Trinity Hospice implemented Experian’s address cleansing software to help maintain its database of 46 thousand records to maximise its fundraising.

"The work that has been undertaken by Experian has been most helpful. Trinity can move on to further appropriate analysis with the overall aim of continuing to deliver a positive experience for all our supporters."

Marc Stowell,
Head of Fundraising, Royal Trinity Hospice

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