Financial forecasting and credit risk modelling solutions

Gain expert financial insight from our team of economists and bespoke consultancy.

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Understand tomorrow and make better decisions today

Have you ever wished you could see around corners? You could prepare for opportunities that are headed your way and avoid risks in your path. It’s a bit like our financial forecasting and credit risk modelling solutions. Using data, expert analysis and industry-leading tools we can help you make better decisions, adapt quickly when conditions change and spot your next opportunity ahead of your competitors. We can’t give you superhuman powers of sight, but we can help you see the future more clearly.

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How financial forecasting and credit risk modelling can benefit your business

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  • Prepare for the future: Use data to predict and plan for change
  • Improve your decisions: Develop smarter business strategies based on data, modelling and analysis
  • Identify opportunities: Predict future hot-spots, consumer trends and other ways grow your business


Stay a step ahead of risk and reduce losses


Anticipate how economic change will impact your business


Spot opportunities and trends


Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors


Make sure you meet your regulatory obligations


Make smarter decisions and future-proof your business strategies

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Key features of our financial forecasting and credit risk modelling solutions

Our solutions help you understand current and future economic developments nationally, by region and local authority; enabling you to accurately forecast losses to comply with the law.

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Meet the challenge of IFRS 9 accounting requirements

Comply with IFRS 9 regulations in the best way for your business and make more profitable decisions.

  • Access analytical support and lifetime loss forecast modelling
  • Use a wide range of data to monitor changes in risk 
  • Predict future losses
  • Update loss forecasts quarterly
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Understand your competition and spot opportunities

Compare your business with your peers and forecast the performance of your portfolio. Identify and understand future risks and opportunities, and plan for them.

  • Combine lending policy, customer profile and economic data to forecast performance
  • Identify risks within different customer categories 
  • Understand market opportunities for new products
  • Benefit from quarterly assessments of the economy, credit market and more
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Use data to make better decisions and drive your business forward

Create better business strategies and make quicker decisions with confidence. Swiftly adjust when conditions change and analyse business performance.

  • Design, test and launch business strategies quickly and easily
  • Access world-class decision-making tools
  • Reduce decision-making time
  • Identify trends and new opportunities



Find out how our financial forecasting and credit risk modelling solutions can benefit your business


A financial forecast is a prediction of what a business’s financial position will be in the future.

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