Enhance the quality of your data

The move to digital has made your organisation’s data more important than ever. Discover how to validate, cleanse, govern and enrich your data so you can harness it more effectively to deliver for your business.

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Is your business data-ready?

Businesses across the world are increasingly aware of the value of clean, accurate and enriched data. Are you keeping up?


of businesses have seen impacts related to poor data quality.


of businesses say that digital transformation has made their business more reliant on data.


of organisations see data as one of the most valuable assets to their business.

How can Experian help improve the quality of your data?

Is your data pulling its weight? How accurate are your customer records? Are there worrying gaps in your insight because you lack key information about your customers? Experian has solutions to all these problems – find out how it can help you develop your systems to refine and enrich your data.

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Data Quality Solutions

How do you go about identifying potential issues with your data? What can do you do to resolve any problems and fill any gaps? Find out how a specialist partner and powerful toolset can transform your data so that it’s fit for purpose.

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Contact Data Validation

Verifying customer contact details needs to be done both at the point of application and throughout the customer lifecycle. Discover how you can access solutions that help minimise typos during data entry, spot fraudulent applications and ensure customer contact details remain up to date at all times.

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Data Governance

Sometimes, the sheer volume of data you’re dealing with can seem overwhelming, but it needn’t be. Get your data under control with a governance framework that ensures it is well understood and managed in order to drive better decision making, collaboration and improved business performance.

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Advanced Data & Analytics

Smart, automated systems exist to comb through even the largest datasets on your behalf. Learn how Experian’s solutions can be deployed to convert raw data into meaningful analysis that you can use to improve your business performance.

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