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Better understand and engage your audience with accurate insight and activation solutions.

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Consumer insights to help you better understand and reach your audience

Our audience solutions allow you to discover valuable information about consumers, build targeted audiences, and activate audience segments across channels. Our accurate and scalable insights provide you with a deeper and more complete understanding of your customers and prospects, and how to best to reach them.

With over 35 years experience building segments and audience solutions, you can trust us to help you gather consumer insights to deliver more personalized marketing messages to your audience, to boost engagement and support your objectives.  

Utilising our accurate data and extensive experience, means we can provide attribute-rich consumer insights to identify new target audiences and distribute audience segments on your preferred activation platforms. 

Improved performance using our consumer insights

Our accurate, extensive and scalable consumer data can be used to improve understanding and engagement with your current and prospective customers.

Solve your marketing pain points with insights

Accurate consumer insights are crucial for answering key questions about how to market to your target audiences, such as:

  • What content is my target market interested in?
  • What message should I use to resonate with them?
  • In what channel are they most receptive to receiving ads?
  • What are their views on topics like travel, sustainability, or technology?
  • How can I scale my 1st party audiences?

Benefits of consumer insights

Leveraging our accurate and scalable audience solutions, business owners and marketing teams can fuel their audience strategies, with powerful consumer insights.

Improved customer understanding and profiles

Fill gaps in data and gain insights to better reach and engage your audience.

Informed marketing strategies

Deliver more relevant and personalised communications based on behaviours and preferences.

Stay competitive in your industry

Continually adapt to changing customer needs, expectations, and demands.

A wide range of consumer insights

Leverage our in-depth knowledge of the UK market. Our unique AI generated models are based on millions of deterministic data points leveraging geospatial, demographic, behavioural and intent data – giving you a better understanding of your consumer.


Our auto insights are created through a number of unique partnerships to understand audiences likely to be interested in premium, luxury and mid priced brands and model types Mini, Sports, SUV alongside EV and Hybrid buyers.

Behavioural and lifestyle indicators

A broad range of attributes indicating attitudes and behaviours around shopping, technology, interests, media consumption to provide a unique picture of the UK population and define intent and affinity audiences.


Up to date accurate demographic and socio-economic indicators for UK households covering insights on likely affluence, income, length of residency, household composition and likely age of children.


Providing an indepth view of Financial Needs and Behaviours including our Financial Strategy Segments as well as modelled indicators around Disposable Income, Wealth, Retirement Provisions, Unsecured Credit and Insurance Status.

International consumer demographics

A consistent segmentation solution covering over 80 countries, so growth strategies and audience definitions are no longer constrained by country boundaries.


Segmenting UK households and postcodes into 15 groups and 66 types, our flagship cross channel consumer classification provides powerful insight across a broad range of demographics, lifestyle behaviours and attitudes.


Non personal attributes relating to the residential property including property build year, type of property, likely number of bedrooms, likely rental or owner occupied as well as household fuel estimates.

Custom modelling

Create custom consumer models and segments tailored to your unique business needs. Optimise for the right audiences and create segmentation strategies to best suit your goals and objectives.

Our platform partners

Our unique demographic, behavioural and intent models are leveraged to create performant audiences for your campaigns accessible through our platform partners.









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Who uses our data and insights?

Our data and insights are trusted by organisations wanting to obtain an accurate view of markets and consumers to define more robust strategies.

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