What are Address Correction Charges?

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Address Correction Charges are an expense that is incurred by your business if you send incorrectly addressed mail to customers or suppliers through your mail provider, such as The Royal Mail. The charges compensate for the work which the mailing company needs to complete to correct the address provided.

The work involved includes:

  • Sourcing the postcode
  • Updating the house number or street name
  • Re-formatting the postal address

These charges can be reduced by implementing address validation software. Our address management solutions will standardise the format of your addresses so the addresses you hold are full, accurate and up to date.

Why are Address Correction Charges important to avoid?

Address Correction Charges can often cost between £5-£10 per mail sent. Therefore, if your business sends out a lot of mail – this can quickly add up to a large and unnecessary expense. Incorrect addresses can also cause a delay in your mail’s delivery.

How can you avoid Address Correction Charges?

The easiest way to avoid using inaccurate addresses in your communications is creating an effective address data quality strategy. By using address validation tools, you can both protect your database from incorrect addresses at the point of capture as well as regularly clean the address you already hold as people move house. Keeping your address data clean comes with several benefits:

  • Improved ROI from your mailing campaigns due to more of your communications reaching their intended target and fewer costs (such as Address Correction Charges).
  • Better relationships with your customers due to being able to contact them easier.

How can we help with your address management strategy?

Address Validation

Start validating all your customer's address data as it enters your website, or on a regular basis in your database.