What is Fuzzy Address Searching?

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Fuzzy Address Searching is an artificially intelligent search application that can take an obscure address entry and return all likely possibilities.

Why is Fuzzy Address Searching useful?

When searching for a name or address entry in a database, more often than not, a search will return too many or too few results. This can be a hassle when manually correcting and removing duplicate addresses. Fuzzy Address Searching uses advanced algorithms to deliver smart results that are more likely to find a match for a given search.

Removing these duplicates from your database helps to:

  • Reduce duplicated mailing costs to the same person.
  • Give a more accurate and complete view of each customer in your database.

How does Fuzzy Address Searching help with data quality?

Fuzzy Address Matching is one of the building blocks of address verification products. Data quality software not only matches phonetic address misspellings to the real spellings but also reformats the address if necessary, including elements such as directionals and apartment numbers.

How can you see Fuzzy Address Searching in action?

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