What is National Change Of Address Suppress data?

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The National Change of Address (NCOA®) Suppress is a database file that contains people who have:

  • Moved away
  • Moved house
  • And a list of the deceased

This is gathered by the Royal Mail and has around 43 million entries with about 100,000 records added every month.

How does the NCOA Suppress work?

When someone moves house and gets their mail redirected they are added to both NCOA® Update and NCOA® Suppress files, if the person does not agree to let third parties know their new address then they are added to the NCOA® Suppress file only. Public and private data is also used to compile a list of recently deceased. The set is also complemented by companies who contribute their returned mail to NCOA® Suppress.

How can the NCOA Suppress help you?

Using the file to suppress and clean your data comes with several advantages:

  • Reduce inaccurate mailings, helping you to save time and money.
  • Communicate with your customers without delay, improving your relationship with them.
  • Remove the risk of potentially upsetting people by mailing deceased relatives.

What other datasets can you use to clean your data?

Datasets Guide

Read in more detail how the NCOA Suppress and other datasets such as AddressBase Premium and Not Yet Built can be appended to your address data to improve performance.