Experian Document Verification

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Verify and confirm identity documents in near real time

The rise of identity theft and fraud continues to challenge businesses as they grow and take on more customers. How do you tell the good customers from the bad, without inconveniencing the good ones?

Experian Document Verification helps to lessen the risks and provide a positive experience for your legitimate customers.

  • Improve application completion rates by replacing manual applications and document checks
  • Improved ID validation, with increased confidence, by matching documents to the person
  • Photo ID verification
  • Assist in meeting AML & KYC requirements
  • Implement 100% digital onboarding
  • Provide outstanding UX

Mobile fill

Fast and accurate data pre-fill from ID documents and bills.

Mobile verify

Real time document authentication.

Face comparison

Connect the person to their ID document.

Experian Document Verification

Experian’s document verification service processes documents from around the world:

  • Passports
  • Drivers licenses
  • Resident permits
  • ID cards