Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks

Meet anti-money laundering & KYC compliance requirements and safeguard your customers.

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How to keep your business compliant

Companies that deal with financial transactions have to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance strategies. Not only is this to ensure you adhere to AML regulations, it's also best practice for any business. AML checks need to include an array of procedures and should also include Know Your Customer (KYC) methods to help prevent and detect financial crime early.


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The benefits of Anti-Money Laundering checks

Using the right AML software can help you implement KYC AML tactics. Our analysis has shown an increase in Open Account Fraud and other types of fraud. Our tools can help prevent fraud, and help your business meet legal requirements more easily and efficiently under Anti-Money Laundering UK legislation.

  • Advanced AML screening: Stop fraud and financial crime before it happens
  • Fraud monitoring: Automated transaction tracking that highlights anomalies
  • Device recognition: Prevent cyber crime by identifying the devices that interact with your business
  • All in one platform: Combine all your Anti-Money Laundering software and tools in one place


Anti-Money Laundering screening you can rely on


Tools suitable for Anti-Money Laundering compliance regulations


Easily monitor and share your company’s AML procedures


Valuable Anti-Money Laundering analytics to gain insight into risk and highlight potential fraud

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Key features of Anti-Money Laundering resources

Our tools can help you comply with the law and provide insights to ensure a safe and secure future for your business. From your first interaction with a customer to your ongoing daily relationship.

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Customer risk management

Ensure you understand exactly who your existing business customers or potential customers are.

  • Independent verification and identification, including full corporate structures, owners and directors
  • Speedier risk assessments
  • Assists with AML Compliance
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Stay compliant

AML legislation and guidelines around KYC change often, and a review can help you stay on top of it. 

  • KYC health check
  • Review of your existing AML KYC policies
  • Advice on areas that could benefit from review 
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Continuous monitoring with Experian Hunter software

Stay on top of customer transactions and behaviour to identify potential fraud.

  • Monitor customer records
  • Highlight discrepancies and areas of concern 
  • Create manageable worklists
  • Assists with adherence to AML checks in the UK
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Device awareness

Global fraud detection software suite to protect against online fraudsters by monitoring device usage.

  • All-channel device recognition
  • Global online fraud detection
  • Quickly identify suspicious activity 
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Plug-and-play AML platform

Combine all your AML and KYC tools into one easy-to-use app.

  • Works with a multitude of AML tools, from Experian's and third party software to bespoke tools
  • Flexible and scalable to grow with your business
  • Makes implementing Anti-Money Laundering procedures simple 
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Understand the landscape

Our white paper explores the latest data and trends in financial crime and fraud.

  • Looks at the differences between customer expectations of fraud management and how businesses behave
  • Shows data and analysis of how businesses tackle AML and KYC
  • Understands methods to use KYC to improve

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AML simply stands for Anti-Money Laundering. Money Laundering legislation requires that any company handling financial transactions implement Anti-Money Laundering procedures. This means your business needs to implement proper procedures and software to help with the prevention of Money Laundering.

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