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From providing a detailed inventory of your current fleet to procuring new vehicles and safely onboarding new customers or clients, Experian’s range of data-driven solutions will help you to better manage your assets.

Obtaining new or used vehicles for your fleet demands an extensive series of checks to ensure the vehicle you buy isn’t hiding any nasty surprises. Experian’s tools can perform those checks for you within seconds.

Perform key vehicle checks

Before buying any vehicle, you need to make sure it has not been stolen, written off, exported or scrapped. You should also make sure its mileage is within expected parameters – the simplest and quickest way to check any vehicle is with something like Experian’s AutoCheck, which provides a comprehensive history as well as a detailed report on the vehicle’s current status.

Confirm ownership

Is the person currently selling the car its legal owner? Avoid lengthy delays confirming vehicle ownership by making use of an online service like Experian’s DVLA Keeper Enquiries. This will deliver confirmation within one working day and can be used to quickly check vehicles in bulk too.

Verify finance

Up to 1 in 4 vehicles have finance outstanding against them, and both you and any customer will want to know it’s been settled before purchase to ensure there aren’t any potential issues further down the line. A tool like AutoCheck’s dashboard can quickly reveal if the vehicle being checked is fully paid for.

Confirm vehicle’s specs

It’s important you verify that the specifications given for a vehicle are correct before making any transaction. Again, a comprehensive solution like AutoCheck provides you with a detailed spec for your selected vehicle, allowing you to confirm the details supplied match those of the car itself.

Gauge vehicle value

Before proceeding with a purchase, it pays to check you’re paying a fair price. Experian’s AutoCheck provides accurate vehicle valuations based on three industry leading providers. They include Cazana, which updates its valuations daily from hundreds of thousands of vehicle classifieds and can also be used to predict a vehicle’s future value.

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