Using the power of data to help you ADAPT. SURVIVE. THRIVE.

All sectors are operating in an uncertain and unpredictable environment.

Our insight series is designed to bring the latest economic trends that may affect your markets and business.

Through our insight series:
  • We take a considered look at the implications of the current economic turbulence - and where is most exposed to economic shock
  • Using our unique breadth of data, we unpick the emerging challenges, and openly discuss the questions of the moment
  • Review the impacts across sectors, regions and households, and what to expect in the months to come
  1. Latest insights: Explain what the latest data means for our scenario forecasts and reviewing roadmap of getting the economy back to work and explore its implications
  2. Regions and Sectors: Taking a closer look at the localized risks and sector/employment outlook
  3. Households: How the economic climate will impact different types of households in terms of income and spend
  • What change has emerged in the last month – from demand to performance and exposure
  • What sectors, regions and people, are most exposed to the economic downturn
  • What is likely to change in the next month and beyond
  • Who will this impact
  • What is important to track, and why

Note: the webinar is 60 minutes, but factors in 15 minutes to allow for discussion during and following the insight sessions.

We will be hosting webinars each month. These webinars are only available live, and therefore we encourage you to sign up to listen and learn. Below is a schedule of all webinar dates.

Live Webinars

Date  Time Title Link
13 October 2020 14:00 GMT A focus on: The end of furlough - what does this mean for the UK economy and your business?
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10 November 2020 14:00 GMT A focus on: Latest economic trends and the impacts affecting your market
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The technical depth for all webinars is: Medium. This means the content will be of a business nature, covering terms and practice performed by specialised industry professionals. Likely including context around the regulatory and economic environment, as well as performance metrics, framed through common industry terminology and practices.

Want to attend but cannot commit to the time?

Please do register for the webinar and should you not be able to attend, we can still share some details and further information with you.

Please note we will not be able to share a recording of the webinar – should you want the specifics we plan to explore; we can arrange for our Consulting team to do this for you.


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