Sharing employment and income details securely and digitally

Make your application process easier with Work Report™ - the UK’s first digital employment verification service.

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What is Work Report™?

Work Report™ is the quick, simple and secure way for you to share your employment information immediately with the organisations you choose, directly from your employer’s payroll database.

Forget about having to collect paper or pdf payslips instead give your consent to share your employment information digitally and cut the time and effort it takes to complete an application. Work Report™ not only simplifies the application process it also means you can access credit, services or verify employment quicker.

Make the move to digital verification and say goodbye to paper payslips

I'm an Employee

Take the hassle out of online applications, forget collecting and submitting paperwork and prove your income and employment digitally with Work Report™. Up-to-date data is obtained directly from your employer, payroll or benefits platform and is protected using bank-grade encryption.

I'm an Employer

Lighten your HR team's load and empower your employees to access and share their verified employment information in seconds with Work Report™, enabling them to access the services they want quicker.

I'm a Lender or Broker

Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual sourcing and verification of PDF or paper payslips. Access verified employment and income information in seconds and make better, faster decisions that benefit your customers – and you.

I'm a Payroll Provider

Help employees collect and share their payroll data instantly, driving huge time and cost efficiencies for your customers and a better user journey for theirs.

Our live network of payroll and HR platforms covers 70%+ UK employees