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With Work Report™ - the UK’s first digital employment verification service

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The future for employment and income data verifications

We believe there is a better, quicker and safer way for consumers to collect and share payroll data, that not only drives huge time and cost efficiencies for your customers, but enables a better customer experience for theirs.

This is why we have created Work Report™ - the simple and secure way to share verified income and employment information, in seconds, digitally, directly from your payroll platform.

Why digitalise payroll?

By digitalising payroll, data is accessed quicker and your customers HR teams are released from the day-to-day administrative burden of managing and processing customer data.

In turn employees benefit from an improved user journey with no paper payslips to find, and as data is current, accurate and verified, decisions can be made faster, and credit or services accessed quicker.

Join our live network of payroll and HR platforms that covers 70%+ UK employees and remove the friction from income and employment verification



The future of employment and income verifications

The UK’s first digital employment verification service

Sharing payroll data with Work Report™ is simple and secure

Help your customers engage their employees and empower them with the use of their data

Help employers be more efficient and more compliant in their processes


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Make the move to digital verification and say goodbye to paper payslips

Discover how Work Report™ can support employers, their employees, lenders, and payroll providers.

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Take the hassle out of online applications, forget collecting and submitting paperwork and prove your income and employment digitally with Work Report™. Up-to-date data is obtained directly from your employer, payroll or benefits platform and is protected using bank-grade encryption.

I'm an Employer

Lighten your HR team's load and empower your employees to access and share their verified employment information in seconds with Work Report™, enabling them to access the services they want quicker.

I'm a Lender or Broker

Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual sourcing and verification of PDF or paper payslips. Access verified employment and income information in seconds and make better, faster decisions that benefit your customers – and you.