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Helping organisations understand and support their customers better

What insights do we provide?

Our data, people and processes are trusted by over 5,000 clients and millions of consumers. With over 30 years’ experience in sourcing, processing and matching data, we turn complex information into clear insights that help businesses understand, manage and provide for their customers.

Businesses can use this information to verify a customer’s identity or contact details, detect and prevent fraud, understand people’s financial circumstances and attitudes, make responsible lending decisions, and help customers choose the most suitable products for them.

Identity and relationships information

We can confirm a consumer’s personal details and identify the different identities, addresses and financial relationships they may have.

Credit and financial information

We can give a comprehensive view of each person’s credit and financial commitments, use and repayments behaviour, as well as assess affordability.

Legal and government information

We can identify whether a consumer has had any kind of financial court judgement, legal intervention, government sanctions or confirmed cases of fraud.

Contact information

We can provide and validate your customers’ contact information.

Asset information

We can confirm an individual’s property and vehicle ownership, plus value, equity and specification or details. We also know when they put their house up for sale.

Employment information

With their consent, we can confirm an individual’s employment status and references.