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European Construction Trends

Europe’s vast and vital construction industry provides huge opportunities. Seizing those opportunities requires careful preparation based on the best possible information, analysis and forecasting.

What does the European Construction Trends forecast cover?

EUROCONSTRUCT’s European Construction Trends report provides precisely the sort of insight to enable decision makers in the construction sector and construction-related areas to plan their businesses more effectively. The forecast covers construction activity including:

  • The housing market in Europe – new residential building
  • New non-residential building
  • Residential and non-residential repair and maintenance
  • New civil engineering and civil engineering repair and maintenance

The country-specific database provides an Excel dataset on all 19 countries giving historical and forecast data measuring 6 key construction metrics:

Download a previous version of the report

Download a sample of the database


Forecast Indicators

Construction activity: New orders, Output, Renovation, Repair and maintenance across sectors GDP, Consumer spending & CPI Population and households growth, Labour Market & Interest rates, Consumer earnings and consumption


What does it cover?

A bi-annual report detailing the key market developments and outlook for the construction industry across 19 European countries.

Containing both summary and country reports.

Bi-annually published in June and November.


How much does it cost?

The price for a country report (covering all 19 countries):

Country Report £935
Summary Report £935
Both reports £1,485
Either report + Database £1,265 + £66 vat (VAT is only chargeable on the Database element)Full package (both reports + Database) £1,815 + £66 vat

The report helps developers, construction firms and local government understand the economics of countries across Europe and relative demand for new developments and repair and maintenance across:

  • Private and social housing
  • Industrial, commercial and public buildings

What can the European Construction Trends forecast be used for?

The forecasts provide an invaluable tool to help with:

  • Strategic planning – what countries and sectors present the best opportunities for business expansion
  • Benchmarking – how has my company been performing against the industry ‘norm’?
  • Investment decisions– correlating likely country and/or sector performance against company exposure
  • Material and product targeting – correlating product market penetration with likely country and/or sector performance

Who is this forecast for?

The European Construction Trends insight is invaluable for anyone wishing to understand the European construction market including:

  • Contractors
  • Building materials and products producers
  • Investment banking
  • Financial services
  • Strategy
  • Consultancy
  • Utilities
  • Public sector e.g. local authorities or councils

The forecasts can be used by those working in areas including strategy, research, marketing and consultancy. As the UK member of EUROCONSTRUCT, we can provide this report to UK companies or those outside the EUROCONSTRUCT network.

What would you like to do next?

If you would like to discuss an annual subscription to this forecast please contact us.

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