Education Check

Experian Education Checks validate a candidate’s educational history, confirming the establishments attended, the dates of attendance, the courses studied and the qualifications gained. Education Checks are a vital part of the pre employment screening process and can check both secondary and higher education, confirming GCSE, A-level and degree qualifications.

Did you know?

It is estimated that between 20-50% of candidates embellish their credentials on CVs¹. With so many positions demanding a degree as a prerequisite, it’s vital that your candidates are as qualified as they claim to be. Candidates with false credentials can have an unfair advantage over genuinely qualified applicants, and appointments based on wrong or misleading information can seriously damage your business’s integrity and reputation.

Turnaround time

Education Checks can be processed in as little as five days, but most have a UK turnaround time of around 10 days. Even though they should be considered a vital part of any recruitment process, some businesses are reluctant to carry out such checks, because of the time and resource involved. Outsourcing background checks to a third party is an efficient and cost-effective practice, as it frees up your staff to concentrate on other tasks.

With Experian, you will always get the information you need to fully process your applications. We have an extensive chase cycle, designed to help guarantee that we receive the necessary confirmation from the right people. We offer a global service, with a host of international partnerships to help us carry out detailed and reliable education checks.

Our reports are clear, concise and accessible, specifically designed to take the guesswork out of your crucial recruitment decisions.

Source: ¹ CooperLomazNews, Exposed: Forged Employment References, 04.09.13