What are Pre-Employment Background Checks?

If you want to recruit for roles with confidence, then a pre-employment background check is one of the most comprehensive and informative ways to provide data quickly and efficiently.

All too often, simple screening processes and protocols are skipped, leaving businesses exposed to potential harm. This can be due to poor systems or the misconception that screening processes are time consuming or a waste of time. If you are an individual applying for roles in areas that require background checks, imagine how much easier having your own background check conducted would be. It would certainly reduce any unnecessary applications or interviews where the individual might not be a good fit through specific factors that may well be previous unknown without a check.

Types Of Pre-Employment Checks We Can Provide

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-employment checks for businesses.

How can I order reports?

I am a business
I want 1-10 checks per year

Online service includes

  • Basic Criminal Record Check
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check
  • Only £54.99 incl. VAT

I am a business
I want 11+ checks per year

Managed service includes

  • Basic, standard or enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Checks
  • Validation Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Contact us for bespoke service and pricing
Note: Not all employment positions are eligible for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. To check the DBS Eligibility Guidance please click here.

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