Email address validation

Check real-time for valid email addresses

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Improve your email campaign effectiveness

With businesses collecting customer data across multiple points and people often mistyping email addresses, this can have a big impact on your marketing effectiveness and ROI.

By cleaning your customer database with our email validation tools, either at the point of capture or checking your marketing lists, you can be sure that your customers are hearing what you have to say, and not being filtered out by an ISP.

Watch the video or view our technical information to see how email validation helps you drive a better ROI for your email marketing program.

How you could benefit from email validation

Improved sender reputation

Decrease the chances of your communications being marked as spam

Customer loyalty

Deeper customer insights to improve communications and built trust and loyalty

Marketing ROI

Protect your emailing reputation and deliverability - and marketing ROI

What are the options?

Real-time validation

Get better customer data by adding email validation to your web forms, e-commerce shopping carts or web applications

Bulk email list cleaning

Take your existing mailing list and remove the false or mistyped email addresses


How has email validation helped other organisations?

digitalbox saved £75,000 in marketing spend using real-time email validation.

Explore the case study and find out how using email validation has seen a virtually instantaneous improvement to digitalbox's services.