What is Contact Data Management?

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Contact Data Management (CDM) summarises the holistic strategy towards managing your contact data.

Ensuring that you develop and maintain a contact or customer data strategy will enable you to differentiate your business in today's competitive environment, whilst also allowing you to provide an improved level of customer service.

Contact data includes all data related to your customer such as address, email and mobile data.

Why is Contact Data Management important?

Ensuring your current contact data and all future contact data is clean through regular validation is becoming more and more important with the continued proliferation of data.

With more data entering your database through increased channels, it is easy to end up with out of date, incomplete and duplicated data. By ensuring this contact data is high quality you will benefit from:

  • Improved customer service due to being able to quickly and accurately communicate with them.
  • More accurate decisions due to having one version of the truth for every customer – rather than multiple records each with conflicting information.

How can you keep your customer contact data clean?

The contact data in your database is a valuable asset and keeping it clean and up to date should be a key business objective.

Tools such as address validationemail validation and mobile validation can be used on your contact data to both clean the data you already have, and make sure any incoming data captured is accurate – maintaining your database’s integrity.

Enriching is another way of improving your customer data, adding more useful insights onto the data you already have.

Why is a CDM strategy essential for your business?

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