What is National Change Of Address (NCOA)?

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The National Change of Address (NCOA) is a dataset that is sourced from the Royal Mail’s redirection service that keeps track of customers who move house. The end user (customer) chooses to supply a new address when they move house or business so that they can continue to receive post. There are over 23 million records in the NCOA® Update file, and it is growing by 1.2 million every year.

Why is the National Change of Address dataset useful?

On average 11% of the UK's population move every year, that equals 18,000 a day – this shows how quick your database that you worked hard to build, can decay and become less and less effective. By cleansing your database using the NCOA, you can:

  • Better maintain customer relationships with those who move, by keeping in contact.
  • Reduce costs through wastage caused by inaccurate communications.
  • Reduce the risk of sending potentially sensitive information to the wrong person.

What other data can I use to keep my database clean?

Datasets Guide

Learn in more detail how the NCOA can help you as well as find out what other datasets are available to append to your database such as AddressBase Premium and Not Yet Built.