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A DVLA Check is a simple yet effective solution for validating the suitability and reliability of a candidate whose job might require extensive driving. It can also be used to assess whether a candidate will meet the industry requirements for restricted sectors.

A thorough DVLA Check is a safeguard for both your company and your clients against the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. This legislation means that, for the first time, businesses can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter where negligent hiring practices resulted in a gross breach of duty of care.

About the check

A completed DVLA Check will validate a candidate’s driving licence, and will also include all penalty points, impaired charges, speeding and other driving offences on their record. A clean and valid driving licence is a prerequisite for many positions, but a DVLA Check can also confirm that the candidate holds the specific type of licence appropriate for the role.

Turnaround time

A DVLA Check cannot be undertaken without the candidate’s consent. Once we have received this, we can process the report in around eight hours. An Experian report is designed to be clear and concise, and includes a cross reference guide to help you understand the information from the DVLA.

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