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Pre-Employment and Education History Checks

Our Employment and Education History checks are generally used to confirm a candidate’s employment history and education, but they can also fill in the gaps on their CV. You can get a feel of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities using factual evidence, something that is crucial in many industries when deciding on the perfect employee.

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Education History Check

What is an Education History Check?

Experian Education Checks validate a candidate’s educational history, confirming the establishments attended, the dates of attendance, the courses studied and the qualifications gained. Education Checks are a vital part of the pre-employment screening process and can check both secondary and higher education, confirming GCSE, A-level and degree qualifications.

Employment History Check

What is an Employment History Check?

Experian Employment Reference Checks validate a candidate’s employment history, confirming the position held, key responsibilities, the dates of employment and any additional training or qualifications received.

Occupational History Check

What is an Occupational History Check?

Experian Occupational History Checks validate a candidate’s employment, educational and financial histories, giving you all the information you need to make those crucial recruitment decisions. Experian Occupational History Checks can source references from job centres to cover any periods of unemployment. We can obtain references from accountants and check tax returns to cover periods of self-employment. We can cover periods of secondary, higher and post-graduate education, and provide full details of jobs, addresses and other activities to cover however many years you require.

Personal Reference Check

What is a Personal Reference Check?

A Personal Reference Check from Experian gives you an idea of a candidate’s character, reliability and capabilities, supplied directly by someone who knows the candidate and can vouch for their character and abilities, for example, this could be a former employer, a university tutor, or a friend. Experian will confirm with the referee exactly how long they have known the candidate, their relationship and whether they have any cause to doubt their honesty and integrity.

Professional Technical Membership Check

What is a Professional Technical Membership Check?

A Professional Membership Check validates a candidate’s membership of professional or technical bodies, their dates of membership and any qualifications gained.

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Social Media Check

What is a Social Media Check?

Using screening and online behaviour evaluation tools, an Experian Social Media Check will fairly and objectively assess a candidate’s social media profile. Presented in an easy to interpret report, the check can highlight a potential risk to an employer, without breaching the trust of the candidate. The Social Media check can also provide confidence to an employer that a candidate is not a risk that could possibly damage reputation, breach company policy or have an adverse impact on client relations.

How can I order my reports?

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You order the checks yourself using our online vetting management system and we process them. A quick and easy way to order small volumes.

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Suitable for 1-10 checks per year
Only £54.99 for:

  • Basic Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check
Outsource Service
For larger volumes of checks, we’ll manage the full vetting process and background checking for you.

For businesses
For 11+ checks per year
Checks include:

  • Basic, Standard or Enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check
  • Validation Checks
  • Reference Checks
API Integration
To help deliver end to end efficiency, we work with you to integrate our data and system with yours.

For businesses
Checks include:

  • Basic, Standard or Enhanced Criminal Record Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Adverse Financial Check

Note: Not all employment positions are eligible for a Standard or Enhanced DBS Check. To check the DBS Eligibility Guidance please click here

Screening for a job involves checking a job applicant’s background to confirm they are who they say they are, that they have the qualifications and experience they claim to have, and that they are legally allowed to work in the UK. Screening can also include credit history checks as well as personal and professional references, so you can better understand their strengths, weaknesses and character.

The aim of screening for a job is to help you find the perfect employee for a role and so you can hire with confidence. Background checks are also important for re-screening existing employees, so you can be confident they are still suitable their roles as their circumstances and their job changes. Our pre-employment reference and right to work checks help you conduct this crucial vetting much more quickly, simply and cost-effectively than manual processes, which are time consuming.

Pre-employment checks help you work out whether a job applicant is the most suitable candidate for a particular role and that they have all the necessary qualifications and skills to do the job well. These checks not only verify whether a candidate has told the truth on his CV, they can fill in gaps and give you a deeper sense of whether they are trustworthy and reliable. Pre-employment checks also help you confirm whether they are physically capable of the work and that they are legally allowed to work in the UK.

Checking a job applicant’s employment and personal references manually can be extremely time consuming and can significantly add to the time it takes to make a hiring decision. Some employers cannot spare the resources to chase references extensively or thoroughly.  Outsourcing pre employment screening to a third party is therefore an efficient and cost-effective solution. Our personal reference checks take no more than 10 days. 

As an employer, you need to analyse a wide range of information about a candidate before you decide whether they are perfect for the role. Our background checks provide a detailed history and understanding of an individual’s background, including their identity, education, employment history, credit history and any relevant criminal record information. The results of our background checks allow you to review any inconsistent or adverse information you should be aware of and fill in gaps on a CV before you employ them.