Tenant Screening & Referencing

Minimise your risks by knowing exactly who you’re letting in

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What are tenant screening & referencing services?

How much do you really know about the person you’re letting into your property? Whether you’re a letting agent acting on behalf of a client or a private landlord, you can gain peace of mind knowing a potential tenant is trustworthy with their finances.

From financial history to employment history, we provide a comprehensive range of tenant screening checks to anyone letting out a property, which can help to minimise risks.

Our referencing service is not only accurate, but easy to use, and will guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the perfect tenant. With our tools, you are also able to monitor existing tenants, which will help combat any potential risks for the future of the property.

The types of referencing checks we can do

Instant Checks for Letting Agents

Comprehensive Checks for Letting Agents

Checks for Private Landlords

About our tenant screening checks

Our checks are comprehensive and informative, so you get the help you need to make educated decisions based on hard facts. We’ll pull information from multiple sources for a single background check, including identity and fraud checks, so you know exactly who will be moving into the property, as well as financial information to ensure that rent is paid on time.

We also have tools to access references from employers, accountants and previous landlords, as we know that a financial report may not necessarily reflect the true character of the tenant. There are two levels of report available, depending on how quickly you need the information. The instant report is generated automatically, which helps to assess whether moving forward with a potential application is viable, while a more detailed report includes income and landlord references. This can be delivered as soon as we are able to obtain details.

The benefits of a reference check with Experian

  • Save time and money using our online system. Our reference checks work straight away, before you even begin to progress with an applicant.
  • Gain confidence that your prospective tenant is who they say they are.
  • Reduce the risk to yourself and tenants by having proof of how much rent your tenants can afford, before completing property applications.
  • Gain insight from a tenant’s previous landlord or accountant; this will give you a good indication of their reliability and whether they can pay on time.

Tenant Checks for Private Landlords

As a private landlord, completing background checks on your prospective tenants is essential in enabling you to reduce the risks you take when letting your property. Completing thorough background checks informs your decision making process, helping to ensure that you protect your property investment and reduce rental income losses.

Experian provides two levels of tenant check reports that private landlords can use to screen new tenants; the instant report and the comprehensive report.

The instant report costs £15 excl. VAT (£18 incl. VAT) and the comprehensive report costs £25 excl. VAT (£30 incl. VAT). Please click the Register button below to continue.

What's the process?

You will need to register (with your details, not the tenant's) via the button below in order to use these services. Once registration is complete, you will then need to provide us with your prospective tenant’s first name, last name and email address. We will then contact the tenant for consent and to obtain the rest of the required details to complete the checks. Upon completion you will receive a report showing the results of the check.