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We know how important it is to find reliable tenants. You need to be sure applicants are who they say they are, and that they can afford to pay their rent on time. You also want peace of mind. Will they look after your property?

Carrying out all the necessary checks can be complex time-consuming process. That’s where we can help. Our tenant screening and reference checks help you sign up new tenants quickly and with confidence, using a wide range of checks, from financial history to landlord and accountant references.

All our checks comply with FCA guidelines and industry regulations1, so you know you can trust us completely. 


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Identity check

Confirm that a potential tenant is who they say they are instantly.

Adverse financial check

Spot financial warning signs in a potential tenant’s credit history instantly.

Income reference

Verify a potential tenant’s employment status and income within days.

Landlord reference

Check whether a previous landlord recommends a potential tenant within days.

Tenant screening made easy

Rapidly check and verify a potential tenant’s identity, employment situation, income, references and more. Access our support team any time, for screening questions.

  • Quick and easy online screening
  • Be confident about your tenant’s identity
  • Standardise your checks so they are fair and consistent
  • Assess the likelihood a tenant will pay on time
  • Comply with FCA guidelines and industry regulations

Our quick and easy-to-use online tenant screening and reference checks screen a prospective tenant’s financial history right through to landlord and accountant references. This will not only save you time and money but will standardise your checking processes. That way your tenant decisions are consistent and fair.

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  • Identity Check – checks are made against the electoral roll and verify up to two previous addresses in addition to their current one
  • Adverse Financial Check – highlight financial warning signals in a tenant’s background (e.g. CCJs, fraud and other adverse data)
  • Tenant Risk Score – the report will provide you with an impartial decision on whether it is advisable to let your property to a specific individual

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Bulk Reports

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If you regularly carry out tenant checks, please speak to a member of our team to discuss your options and how Experian can help you effectively carry out all the necessary checks.


Tenant screening is a process that landlords, lettings agents and property managers use to limit risk. The process verifies whether a prospective tenant is who they say they are and assess the likelihood they will pay the rent on time. Tenant screening also assesses their character and integrity with reference checks from previous landlords.  This gives you peace of mind they will look after your property and comply with all the conditions of the lease. At the end of a comprehensive series of checks, including identity, employment and income verification, you can make an informed decision about whether to approve a tenancy applicant.

As a letting agent or private landlord, you need to be sure a prospective tenant is who they claim to be, so you need to confirm their identity. You also need to be sure they have the legal right to live in the UK and rent a property. Importantly, to limit your risk from losses, you need to be confident the applicant has enough money, or is earning enough, to pay the rent on time, and that they’re likely to do so. It’s also vital to know whether the prospective tenant has a good track record of renting properties, so you can be confident they will look after your property in a responsible way.

Tenant screening and reference checking varies from service to service. Our comprehensive screening service includes identity checks, credit checks, reference checks from previous landlords/lettings agents and past and present employers. The checks are designed to ensure tenants have enough money coming in to pay the rent on time, and that they will look after your property. These checks might reveal unfavourable information, such as County Court Judgements, which will inform your decision about whether to approve them as an applicant. 

Landlord background checks can be done manually by verifying the information a prospective tenant provides on their application form. This could include contacting individual employers and referees and discussing the suitability of a tenant with them. The most cost-effective and thorough method is to use our tenant screening and reference checking services.  These help you carry out a wide range of checks simply and easily, from financial history to landlord and account references, online. Some of our tools yield instant results, while others take a matter of days. This means you can make a decision fast and sign up the applicant as soon as possible.

Using our tenant screening and reference checking tools, you can carry out identity, financial and tenant risk checks instantly. A more comprehensive tenant check including verifying the applicant’s employment and income status, and landlord references, usually takes 2-3 working days.

Tenants can’t be charged for reference checks. Under the Tenant Fees Act that came into effect in England in 2019, charges for references are now illegal.

After tenant referencing is carried out, a landlord, letting agency or property manager can make an informed decision as to whether an applicant to rent a property.

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