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Whether you need smart ways to validate customers or vehicles, or you’re looking to raise the value of your marketing efforts, Experian has the solution.

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How Experian can help your business

We know it’s important to maximise profit when selling or remarketing fleet and lease vehicles. With the right tools and insights, we can help accurately identify the age and market value of a vehicle to determine the best way of remarketing it, and boost your marketing efforts with enhanced data sets and market knowledge.

Before you can sell a vehicle, you need to know that it’s legitimate. Performing the battery of verification checks by hand can be time-consuming, but Experian has solutions that can help you streamline the process while ensuring no vital checks are missed.

Reveal detailed specs

To remarket a vehicle well you need to know as much as you can about it. Look for solutions that can pair vehicles to detailed specifications via easily obtained information like its registration plate. A tool like Experian’s AutoCheck can reveal key elements such as engine capacity, transmission type, tyre size and year of manufacture.

Confirm its history

When validating vehicles, you need to cover a lot of bases. Is it subject to any outstanding finance which may affect its ownership? Has the vehicle previously been written off, exported, stolen, or scrapped? Save time tracking down this information with the help of an automated solution like Experian’s AutoCheck, which can also reveal its full ownership history and mileage.

Verify ownership

Who is currently registered as the car’s keeper? Ordinarily uncovering this information demands form filling, postage and a host of lengthy delays. Register with a service like Experian’s DVLA Keeper Enquiries and you can submit multiple queries in seconds, typically receive the results within one working day, and view previous queries online for up to 21 days.

Perform bulk checks

Do you lack the personnel or time to perform individual checks on vehicles? Look for automated solutions that allow you to keep tabs on multiple vehicles at once. For example, Experian’s Vehicle Stock Monitor allows you to record a fleet of up to 5,000 vehicles and perform batch checks to gain up-to-date information on your entire stock.


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