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For every step of vehicle insurance – from providing the initial quote to managing claims – Experian’s automotive data solutions have you comprehensively covered.

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How Experian can help your business

Data and insight play crucial roles in assisting motor insurance consumers, insurers, brokers and aggregators all over the UK. Experian’s assets can efficiently identify any vehicle and its background, so you can better understand the risks as well as the potential premiums.

Before you can offer a premium, you need to know it’s appropriate for the vehicle being insured. Experian’s tools can help you obtain the information you need in seconds and with the minimum of effort.

Identify vehicle specifications

A tailored quote obviously requires detailed insight into the car being insured. Instead of relying on your customer to provide information about their vehicle, make use of online data to extract the precise data you need. Experian’s AutoCheck can deliver this information based on little more than the car’s number plate.

Confirm vehicle’s provenance

Before insuring a vehicle, you need to know its history, from past owners to potential issues such as whether it’s been exported, written off or stolen. Experian’s AutoCheck can perform these and other checks – including its recorded mileage – to ensure the vehicle you’re quoting for is genuine.

Determine vehicle’s value

The final part of the vehicle identification puzzle is ascertaining its current value. Some valuation services are based on data that can be up to 60 days out of date, so ensure your chosen solution provides an accurate figure based on the here and now, not two months ago. Cazana Companion updates its prices every 24 hours, based on hundreds of thousands of vehicle classifieds.


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