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Experian has a range of vital financial services background checking services, providing thorough and cost-effective screening solutions for one of the most regulated of all private sectors. Many roles within the sector are subjected to intense scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, formerly FSA), because of the ease of access to personal customer data. Internal fraud within the banking sector increased by 30% in 2013*, showing that this sector still remains one of the most susceptible to employee fraud.

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Experian can help you to determine which financial services background checks you should undertake, in order to help you to meet FCA regulations and reduce the risk of a non-compliant process. Thorough pre employment screening should be the norm at all levels of finance and banking, we therefore recommend that you also screen roles outside of those subject to regulation. From customer service representatives in banks and call-centres; to traders, senior executives and financial advisors; we can rapidly deliver detailed and cost-effective background checks that can be easily integrated with your current recruitment platform.

Our financial services background check solutions include identity checks and adverse financial checks, drawn from both the electoral roll and one of the UK’s largest consumer databases. To prevent possible conflicts of interest when appointing senior management roles, we can track a candidate’s current and previous directorships. Our media checks can help to prevent reputational risks for your organisation, and we can also perform both basic and standard criminal record checks to screen candidates with convictions that could impact their position in the financial services.

*Source: ¹ CooperLomazNews, Exposed: Forged Employment References, 04.09.13